My name is Bailey. I’m a 20 year old girl, an avid nerd, and a member of the Church of Christ. I have always tried to keep my head and heart pure before Him, but I’ve realized that I haven’t been shining God’s light to the world as I should. With this blog, I will endeavor to spread the truth of the Bible with love. This world is constantly pressing in on us, trying to put out the Light, and it’s easy to keep our lights hidden. Sometimes, we hide them without even realizing it. I’m determined not to hide any longer. This is a narrow path I walk down. Will you walk with me?

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  1. Hi Bailey, My name is Timothy and like you I too have chosen to walk “the narrow path”. It has come to my attention that for some time now we do not have a ‘monopoly’ on this site name; as others (myself included) have used this name in one form or another. I hope you do not feel as though I am competing with you here; as I wish you many viewers to your blog site. God bless you and all those whose wish to share the “Good News” of Christ with others. May we all be able to bring others along to walk this narrow path as well. All glory and honor be to Him. Amen.

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